Time for another episode of the “10 ? with the Musical Mind” podcast! This week, we feature veteran guitar virtuoso Steve Bello. Hailing from New Jersey, Steve has multiple albums under his belt and continues to impress with his fluid chops and songwriting skills. If you are a fan of guitar driven instrumentals, you owe […]

Dramatic Re-enactment: As the sun finally breaks through the Michigan morning mist, Ted Nugent has already wrapped up his pre-dawn hunt. He strides through the door, barely looking at the priceless musical artifacts around him. His intimate familiarity with his surroundings allows him to navigate through an orderly maze of guitars, amps, and consoles by […]

Musicians travel the world, right? Wrong. Most touring musicians travel the hotel circuit. They see a hundred identical hotel rooms and a hundred similar concert halls. You know who travels the world? Shane Palko. This independent musician is a true artist in every sense. The fine folks at Whiplash PR sent me some artist tracks, […]