“Bookmark” by Sam Levin is actually a landmark.

Sam Levin, at the wizened age of seventeen, is already releasing his third album. Having released his first single at the age of ten, he has previously recorded insightful albums such as I Am and Frame of Mind. On both of these Sam has shown a penchant for showcasing all of his ingredients. Some musicians [...]

Jupiter in Velvet…it’s a “Beautiful New Day” for music lovers.

Everything we do is shaped to some degree by who we are and what we have been through. This can be especially evident in music, as the artist's choices of expression shine a direct light on their outlook. The man who would reinvent himself as Jupiter in Velvet has had a twisty road indeed, veering [...]

10 Questions with Shane Palko.

Musicians travel the world, right? Wrong. Most touring musicians travel the hotel circuit. They see a hundred identical hotel rooms and a hundred similar concert halls. You know who travels the world? Shane Palko. This independent musician is a true artist in every sense. The fine folks at Whiplash PR sent me some artist tracks, [...]