“Youth is wasted on the young”. The older I get the more sense this makes, so it is only natural that the C Wired story resonates with me. Having been an entrepreneur and business man, Wired has started several successful ventures. He has, by his own admission experienced not only lofty financial heights but the […]

Having been a promising young teen with a rock vibe, Starla Starshine has emerged from the chrysalis fully reborn. The transformation suits her well. Her new EP Red Lagoon is the sort of dreamy, transcendent music that sets itself apart from the endless tides of made-to-order pop. Exotic textures support pointed lyrics that deliver an […]

The term Renaissance Man may be bandied about a little too often, but one man it certainly applies to is Mr. Gordon Thomas Ward. The New Jersey Troubadour has, in addition to authoring four published books, written prose and manned the lectern as a History teacher. This passion for the past and how it impacts […]

Composer, performer, and producer Steve Wheeler is a multi-instrumentalist that has no fear of crossing genre boundaries. His work can be heard nationally on CBS sports, including the PGA Tour, NCAA, NFL, and SEC Football. Steve has also contributed to the video game universe. ┬áNow with his feet firmly planted in the music world, he […]